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Altered Balance - A Tribute to Coil

Jeremy Reed & Karolina Urbaniak

Infinity Press Press

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The Grid


One of Britain‘s most idiosyncratic writers – also an acclaimed poet – returns with a typically original and erotically charged novel.


Some time in the not-too-distant future London has merged with Tokyo, police use flying cars to catch kamikazee Boeings and Michael Jackson shops incessantly. Amid the chaos two men are called into a hypnotherapy clinic named the Grid to get treatment for AIDS.


They discover that they are the reincarnations of William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe, a revelation that leads them to the truth about one of the great literary mysteries of all time, the murder of Kit Marlowe in a Deptford tavern in 1593.


Peter Owen

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Here Comes The Nice

Chomu Press

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This Is How You Disapear


This Is How You Disappear is Jeremy Reed's most autobiographical book to date, and one in which he celebrates the dead and missing friends who were the formative and enduring influences on his life as a poet.


Using the elegy to imaginatively recreate the often extraordinary individual characteristics of his subjects, Reed's personal book of the dead is one that burns with his customary dynamic for dazzling imagery, glows with compassion for the suffering, and sparkles with a visual retrieval of detail so acute it hurts.


With the title taken from the first line of a Scott Walker song, 'Rawhide', This Is How You Disappear is elegiac poetry at its most brilliant.


Enitharmon Press

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Picadilly Bongo

Jeremy Reed and Marc Almond

Enitharmon Press

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The King Of Carnaby Street

A Life of John Stephens

Haus Publishing

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